Image Source: Cambridge Archives

Image Source: Cambridge Archives

Downtown Cambridge, formerly known as Galt, grew through industry and the pioneer’s belief that prosperity would be the benefit of hard work. By the late 1830’s, Galt began to increase its industrial capabilities and its reputation for quality products.


The settlers’ hard work and attention to detail can also be found in the beautiful architecture of many buildings. Built around the power and travel capabilities of the Grand River, downtown Cambridge was not only a place of commerce and industry but also a focal point in the community.


Through the work of the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee, much of this historic beauty has been retained and the pride and prosperity that founded the area are still reflected here today.


As in most of Southwestern Ontario, the downtown began to feel the effects of 1970’s suburban migration. Therefore, in 1977, the merchants believed that to maintain a healthy downtown the efforts of the community had to be pooled together and the Downtown Cambridge Business Improvement Association, (herein called the B.I.A.) was formed. Since this time the B.I.A. has worked diligently to promote and beautify the area, building a downtown core filled with specialty boutiques, great dining, professional services all complimented with arts and culture.